Stack Exchange is the Worst Place Ever to Ask a Question

For my new campaign I wanted to get a word similar to Necromancer that I could use as a Class name as Necromancer has been overdone. So I asked a question on Stack Exchange but I should have known better. One hour later and the question has been down voted to oblivion, closed, and a minor war has erupted in the comments:


There is something deeply, deeply wrong with the majority of people who answer questions on Stack Exchange, they’re rude, opinionated, pedantic beyond all reason, and just complete failures at answering questions, which is the one thing that they should actually be useful for.

This is not the first time I’ve tried to ask a simple question on Stack Exchange, I’ve been similarly horrified several times in the last year or two and always deleted the question as soon as possible. This time I decided not to use my own Stack Exchange ID and simply use a throwaway email address. Thank goodness.

There is something terrible that has happened to Stack Exchange, the inmates have taken it over and they are a seriously toxic group of unpleasant people.

See it now – Edge of Tomorrow

You wait years and then finally a great sci-fi movie comes along. I just watched Edge of Tomorrow and, while it stars Tom Cruise (which is usually a bad sign) it is actually very good indeed.

This film is a return to form for Tom Cruise who fills his role very well indeed. Emily Blunt is excellent as a hardened warrior woman with a tragic backstory that is relevant to the plot!

There’s a lot of very violent action, cool weapons and vehicles, and a sufficiently scary enemy. As a major plus it is actually internally consistent, and, like Moon, keeps you guessing as to the outcome right up to the end.

My only complaint is that at just under two hours long the movie is packed full of plot which is slightly to the detriment of the secondary characters who it would be nice to see more of. I could eat up another thirty odd minutes of this film but that could have turned it from a tightly plotted and very clever action movie into another bloated overcooked sci-fi blockbuster, and I’ve seen far too many of those in the last few years.

Some people have dismissed it as a ‘sci-fi Groundhog Day’ and indeed while it features the same theme of an endlessly repeated day Edge of Tomorrow works with it in a way that Groundhog Day never did and which provides for a much more satisfying conclusion.

Here’s the trailer, go see the movie while it’s still on at the cinema for the full effect:

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